On-site Seafood Boils

Are you searching for a unique and hassle-free dining option that will leave your guests in awe? Look no further than our On-Site Seafood Boils! With our exceptional service and mouth watering seafood boils, we bring the ultimate culinary experience right to your doorstep.

On-site Seafood

Perfect for your special event such as graduations, weddings, and more!

How Our On-Site Seafood Boils Work:

Professional Set-Up

Our dedicated team arrives at your chosen venue one hour before the scheduled dining time.

We come fully equipped with all the necessary materials to set up a stunning seafood boil spread. From the traditional newspaper-lined tables to the vibrant tablecloths and enticing condiments, we pay attention to every detail, creating a visually appealing setup that sets the tone for an extraordinary feast.

Live Cooking Experience

Our skilled boilers take center stage as they prepare the seafood boil on-site. The sizzling sounds, enticing aromas, and captivating cooking process add an element of excitement to your event.

Witness the transformation of fresh seafood, vibrant spices, and aromatic ingredients coming together to create a delectable masterpiece. Our chefs are happy to engage with your guests, answering questions and sharing their culinary expertise.

“Throw-It-Down” Feast

Once the seafood boil is ready, it’s time for the main event! We take great pride in our “throw-it-down” style of serving, where we pour the perfectly seasoned seafood, along with its delicious accompaniments, onto the table.

This rustic and communal way of dining adds a fun and interactive element to your gathering. Your guests can dive right in, savoring the flavors and enjoying the social atmosphere that a seafood boil brings.

Memorable Moments

We believe in capturing special moments. Before we leave, we’ll grab a picture of your crew, immortalizing the joyous occasion and the mouthwatering feast we’ve provided.

These photos serve as a wonderful keepsake, reminding you of the fantastic time you had while enjoying our on-site catering experience.

Affordable and Convenient

Our On-Site Seafood Boil Catering is not only exceptional but also affordable.

For a flat fee of just $100, we offer a two-hour maximum time frame, ensuring that you and your guests have ample time to savor the flavors, mingle, and enjoy the festivities without feeling rushed.

Hatteras Island Seafood Boils on-site inquiry

Experience the convenience and delight of our On-Site Seafood Boils today. Contact us to discuss your details, schedule, and any specific requirements you may have. Let us bring the extraordinary flavors and vibrant atmosphere of a seafood boil to your special occasion. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as we create an unforgettable experience.

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